Speed-Net, your hosting partner


We are pleased to welcome you to our website! For six years, Speed-Net has focused on hosting services from the very beginning. Speed-Net serves over 500 customers with about 1,500 domains and over 100 servers. From the start, we have decided to refrained from mass hosting at dumping prices. We firmly believe that the quality of our services should be our priority. Dumping prices and quality are in no way mutually tolerant.

What makes us a good hoster?


We are always here for you. Our customers can always rely on us to provide emergency support outside of our business hours, as well as at the weekend and on holidays. Problems and disruptions from our side will always be handled with haste.


Our standards of quality apply regardless of what you need or wish to order. We will deliver the best possible quality at the best possible price.

AccountAccount Activation

You account will be activated by us in real time. Due to this, you will not have to wait very long for to get your account and get started. You will receive your login data within minutes.


Simple price presentation and no small print.
All products with short contract term.


Simple and understandable language.
We like it uncomplicated!

ErfahrungMore than 10 years of experience

Take advantage of our years of experience. Already since 2005, we have been successful in the market with first-class hosting.

KundeCustomer Reviews

Our customers rate an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars. We use every feedback to adjust and improve our offer.

SchweizYour data in Switzerland

Take advantage of our data centers in Switzerland.

MehrsprachigMultilingual support

Among other things, we offer support in German, Spanish, Italian.