These general terms and conditions regulate the legal relationship between Speed-Net and the customer who uses the services of Speed-Net.

Conclusion of contract

The contract for the use of Speed-Net services and offers comes into effect when the online form is sent and takes effect immediately. In the event of incorrect information in the order, the customer himself is liable for any damage, penalties or fines related thereto. In addition, Speed-Net reserves the right to refuse an order without giving reasons.

Duration and Termination

The first contract term is determined by the customer himself when ordering from the selection given. After this expires, the subscription or the contract is automatically extended by the same term as that offered for the product in question, unless a termination by one of the contracting parties is given at least 30 days before expiry present. Irrespective of the term of the contract, the customer generally has no right to a refund of a (pre)paid amount.

Offer and prices

The prices published by Speed-Net apply. Speed-Net reserves the right to adjust prices at any time without notice to changing circumstances, particularly as a result of cost increases (e.g. price increases for products and material costs, exchange rate fluctuations, etc.). Speed-Net reserves the right to modify an offer at any time without notice. Unless otherwise stated, such changes shall take effect immediately. The customer is responsible for finding out about such innovations. For existing subscriptions, such a change only comes into effect when it is renewed.

Terms of payment

New accounts are set up against invoice payable within 10 days. Speed-Net reserves the right to take legal action against the customer if the amount owed by the order is not paid. Speed-Net sends the customer a payment reminder after the actual payment period has expired and before the account is deactivated. Deactivation takes place if no payment has been received by Speed-Net 7 days after the payment reminder. Speed-Net is generally authorized to delete accounts, including their content, after the payment period has expired. If the customer is in arrears with a payment for more than 14 days, a reminder fee of CHF 25 must be paid from the 2nd payment reminder. A general payment period of 10 days applies to existing accounts. They are usually charged one month before the contract expires. In the event of a delay in payment, a reminder will be sent by email. If the payment has not been received by the end of the contract period that has not yet been reimbursed, the account can be blocked immediately. For any reactivation, Speed-Net can charge a fee of at least sFr. 50.- demand.

Subscription Deletion

A subscription will be completely deleted if no payment has been received or confirmed by Speed-Net within 10 days of being blocked, or if the contractual status has not been restored. After deletion, the customer can reopen the subscription at a cost of CHF 50.00.

Speed-Net services

Speed-Net guarantees that all of the services included in the offer (according to the offer descriptions on the Speed-Net website) can be used during the entire reimbursed contract period. Speed-Net can change the scope of services at any time if certain offers and options affect server stability or commercial improvements have to be made.

Customer Obligations

The customer ensures that the services and products for which he (or third parties via his account) has concluded a contract with Speed-Net are used in accordance with the law and the contract. The web hosting product is intended for personal use, so the vast majority of the domains managed via it must be owned by the customer. Special provisions apply to the content of the corresponding websites. Speed-Net prohibits racist, sexist, distribution rights and copyright infringing content. With regard to pornographic content, so-called adult sites and references or even banner advertising to such content are not excluded. With regard to illegal content, violations of Swiss and international law are meant. Spamming, trolling, mail bombing, download archives, excessive mailing lists, storage of game emulators or ROMs, IRC bots and other programs or activities which, in the opinion of Speed-Net, place an excessive load on system resources are also prohibited cause. Violations of prohibited content can be punished without prior notice with immediate cancellation of the account and deletion of all data. The customer is liable for any damage, penalties or fines related to the violation.

Data backup

The customer is responsible for backing up the data stored by using his account. In the event of data loss, the customer is obliged to make use of his own backup copies. Although regular backups are created by Speed-Net, the use of these can neither be requested nor guaranteed. If Speed-Net restores lost data, an appropriate expense allowance can be charged for this. Furthermore, Speed-Net cannot be prosecuted for the deletion of data.

Domain reservation

Upon request, after conclusion of the contract, Speed-Net will apply for the desired domain name from SWITCH or the relevant registrar for COM/NET/ORG/BIZ and INFO domains. However, Speed-Net cannot guarantee that the desired domain name will actually be assigned to the customer by the registry. If a requested domain name is already taken, the customer can choose another domain name. After successful domain registration, it is no longer possible to change the domain name. The customer is not entitled to the “money back” guarantee for any domain names ordered from Speed-Net. Speed-Net cannot be held liable for domain loss for technical or other reasons. Speed-Net assumes no liability for domain loss in the event of insufficient, incorrect or non-existent invoicing and the resulting non-payment. For all domain names that are registered by Speed-Net, the customer is entered as the owner and can therefore switch to another provider at any time.

Responsibility and liability

Speed-Net assumes no responsibility whatsoever with regard to the data and actions that the customer saves or publishes or carries out using his account. Liability lies exclusively with the customer. If the customer passes on his account or parts of it to third parties, whether against payment or free of charge, he is automatically liable for this as well. Speed-Net endeavors to inform the customer in advance of planned maintenance work or other planned service interruptions. However, Speed-Net cannot be prosecuted for business interruptions, in particular but not exclusively due to maintenance work, troubleshooting or so-called force majeure, etc. Speed-Net disclaims any liability for related damages, penalties, fines, claims for damages, lost profits or orders and other claims.

Data protection

Customer data is collected, processed and used with strict confidentiality in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Swiss Data Protection and Telecommunications Act. The customer data will only be used within Speed-Net KLG and will not be passed on to third parties. On the other hand, the customer is obliged to provide his data (company name and legal form, name, address, telephone number, e-mail, etc.) truthfully when placing the order and to notify Speed-Net KLG of any changes to this data immediately and without being asked. An absolutely necessary transfer of data by Speed-Net KLG only takes place in connection with corresponding orders (e.g. domain registration, issuing certificates, etc.) or when requested by the authorities. For more information see our privacy policy.

Contact addresses

In the event of a change of address (email or post), the customer is obliged to notify Speed-Net in order to prevent difficulties in making contact.

Final provision

Speed-Net reserves the right to regularly review these regulations and, if necessary, to adapt them without prior notice. The customer informs himself at regular intervals about any changes to these terms of use. In the event of ambiguities/disputes between the owner and the administrative contact, Speed-Net is not obliged to clarify or mediate the internal disputes between the owner and the administrative contact. possibly required legal advice costs from Speed-Net are either at the expense of the complaining party or at the expense of the owner.

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