Domain prices

DomainPrice (CHF) / yearRenew (CHF)Transfer (CHF)Order
.chCHF 8.00CHF 8.00CHF 0.-Order
.deCHF 6.00CHF 6.00CHF 6.00Order
.atCHF 13.80CHF 13.80CHF 0.-Order
.euCHF 6.50CHF 6.50CHF 6.50Order
.comCHF 12.80CHF 12.80CHF 12.80Order
.netCHF 15.30CHF 15.30CHF 15.30Order
.orgCHF 14.20CHF 14.20CHF 14.20Order
.infoCHF 22.70CHF 22.70CHF 22.70Order
.bizCHF 19.20CHF 19.20CHF 19.20Order
.mobiCHF 28.30CHF 28.30CHF 28.30Order
.nameCHF 26.10CHF 26.10CHF 26.10Order

All domains registered with us include the following functions free of charge!

Features included

  • DNS management
  • Domain forwarding
  • Real time domain registration
  • E-Mail address forwarding

  • Unlimited subdomains
  • Domain escrow service
  • Free premium support
  • Own name server registration

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